Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Good clean family entertainment.

Look kids, a bald twat, lets throw rocks at him in the hope that we might kill him.

Apparently one of the by-products of excessive testosterone abuse is hair loss. Surprising that there seem to be some prematurely bald cyclists about, still a coincidence I'm sure. I mean Schumacher, Alejandro Valverde and Leonardo Piepoli? I'm sure they just lost their hair through the use of the wrong shampoo.

It has been revealed by AFLD (the French anti doping agency) that Ricco managed to fail four tests in this years Le Tour, all of them for CERA - brilliant, way to go Ricco lad, why take one syringe into the shower when you can take four. Hats off to that man, looks like he out Virenqued, Richard Virenque an impressive performance. Schumacher only managed two positives, does that mean that he's a better cyclist or he can't afford as much smack as Ricco, perhaps he needs a better dealer.
Dealers, dealers? Has anyone actually grassed up their dealer? (I assume dope cheats have dealers) Wasn't the UCI offering reduced sentences for anyone fingering their dealer?, so to speak. By the looks of it no one has offered to point any fingers in any directions, still Ricco was apparently p'd off with his sentence, so was I, twat should have got life.

Good news on the way, to the effect that the IOC is to test for CERA on all the samples it took at the Olympics. Bring it on. Lets find out who else is going down the toilet with us, lets see how many sports the IOC want to eff off after this is done. And then lets move on.......

I say hasn't all gone quiet over at Astana, AC (that's Alberto Contador and not AC from operation Puerto) must be looking at his options, which seem fairly limited, despite saying last week that he has been in contact with several interested teams, there has been little action. The problem other teams would have is the same one AC (that's Alberto Contador and not AC from operation Puerto)has at Astana, parachute in a potential tour winner and the established hierarchy ion your team goes to pot, everyone gets pissed off and your star rider could walk out, sparking (I'd hope) a round of musical chairs. So will Johan chose Lance or AC (that's Alberto Contador and not AC from operation Puerto) to lead the squad in Le Tour? If he choses AC (that's Alberto Contador and not AC from operation Puerto) does anyone expect Lancey boy to play the role of domestique? Or could we have a rewind to the Hinault v Lemond race of 86? Might make the race slightly more interesting.
I'm still hopeing that AC (that's Alberto Contador and not AC from operation Puerto) takes Lance's advice and realises that it's 'time to move on'.

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