Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Right, stop it now, it's time to move on......

Moving on......

Lance want's to move on, but, surprise, reality has a nasty habit of biting your backside.
The Le Tour stages that looked too good to be true, turned out, surprise, surprise to be too good to be true. Stefan Schumacher and Leonardo Piepoli join the list of test failures from this years Le Tour and I'm sure that there are more to come. Schumachers ride in the ITTs were far too good to do anything other than raise suspicion, I guess you could have put money on him being caught. As you could have done with Piepoli who legged it from the race as soon as his little chum got caught. Maybe they shouldn't ban all these tossers for life as I have previously said, maybe they should stick em all in a team (I know, I know, it would be a big team) and let them ride, fans could then be invited to stand at the road side and throw rocks at them. I'd pay good money for that.
On the plus side it looks as though Schumacher is to be sued by both his ex manager and the German federation, can I join in. Hopefully both cases will end in success and we'll see Schumacher where he so rightly belongs - sleeping in a cardboard box on the streets.

So as of today that's 5 stages won by dopers, is that a record, I don't know? But what is a record is the number of riders caught. Assuming the UCI are going to send invoices to all convicted dopers it looks like there will be new office furniture all round at Ch. de la Mêlée 12. Funny thing is that whilst the wires have buzzed with the latest doping news the UCI as always, remain wondrously silent on the issue. I'm signed up for RSS feeds and mails from the land of Cuckoo clocks and my inbox is surprisingly light, all the news is via other sources. Looks like they have taken Lance's advice and moved on, oh hang on, it's impossible to move on from somewhere you've never been isn't it.

Top dog related news.

Er... Frank Vandenbroucke, is, according to Belgian news sites, planning on making another return, they don't say anything about his dog though, so we must assume it's a return to cycling and not crufts. Cyclingnews calls Frankie enigmatic, which I suppose will keep the lawyers from the corporate door, personally I can think of many, many ways of describing Frankie and enigmatic isn't one of them. Frank should just give it up and join a traveling freak show or Rock Racing as it's now called.

Own your own team.

How about this www.ownourteam.com. The team formally known as team Swift is inviting you to help out by contributing to it's coffers. A great idea I think. They have had a great season and I hope that they will continue to have many more and by giving then a few notes you will help ensure that they do. They riders and management show a hell of a lot of commitment, setting up base in Belgium,and riding some pretty tough races. So good luck.

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Barry said...


I created ownourteam.com with Stefan Wyman, the team manager of Team Swift - thanks for mentioning us in your blog. We're both working flat out to try and get as many people to hear about this as possible, so if you have any good contacts or are able to help in any way, please do!

Thanks once again.