Sunday, 4 January 2009

Try a little tenderness? Nah!

It ain't half comical mum.

I am in a lot of pain, my legs hurt, my arms hurt, my back hurts and even my ears hurt. And this dear reader is due to an excess of tracking, or to be more precise riding the local madison session. It's been a long time since I last rode one, long enough for my technique to become crap, long enough to forget how much it hurts and long enough to forget how much I love riding them.

Luckily something I haven't forgotten is how funny Rock Racing are. The latest turn in the comic capers of Mr Ball and his merry band of dopers, has beens and never will be's is the potential court case involving the lawyers of 'businessman' Ball and Baden Cooke. Cooke was signed, then he wasn't, there was continental pro status, then there wasn't, there was a European programme, then it's all back in the US and soon there will be no team. Still the Rockers have been racing in Australia (why, if there's only cash for a US programme did Ball send his merry men downunder?) and all of their riders have been showing well, perhaps in an effort to up their profile and win some cash before the coffers run dry sometime over the summer. Whatever the reason the smoke and mirros show that was rock racing no looks like it'll be over before the sun is fully up and we'll have a few more riders looking for teams.
The good news however if you're a rider looking for a ride on 2010, is that there won't be much competition from ex Rock Racers, well I say much, actually I mean any at all. At this point we can finally put the Hamilton twins in the dustbin of history along with such luminaries as Richard Virenque?

Cross - you gotta love it, no seriously, you have.

Cyclo Cross - what a great season. As we approach the worlds it looks like the mens race could be anybodies, anybody that is providing your name is Lars Boom. The Orange rocket looks hot favourite for the title this year, he's not raced a lot and seems to be able to turn on the gas exactly when it's called for. His programme of targeting a few major races looks to be paying off, so there you go. Or do you? Sven Nys has called on the Belgians to unite against the boy Boon, but to what avail? Whilst Nys has had a good season he admits that Boon must start as favorite, still, maybe he's deliberately playing down his own chances? The Belgians certainly look strong and squad wise have the strongest squad. Nys leads the world cup and Vanthourenhout, Wellens and Vantornout are all making the podiums. Ultimately it will come down to the condition of the course, a course for bike handling should see a battle between Nys and Boon, but a fast dry track could well see Al making a bid for top spot. His vistory at Zolder was on a fast dry course, more akin to his beloved MTB tracks than the glue pots favoured by Nys and Boon. So who's my pick for the mens race? Easy - Bart Wellens.

The womens race is wide open, well, as wide as the mens. It should be a straight fight between Kupfernagel and Compton, but you'd be wise to look out for Vos, back to winning ways and doubtless desperate for another rainbow jersey and Daphny van den Brand. The womens season has been, if anything, more exciting than the mens, close races have meant that on a good day the victory could go to anyone of half a dozen riders

Tenderness my ass.

In an editorial Procycling calls for some 'tenderness' for convicted dopers. The basic argument is that they are fragile human beings, they are young and have built their self esteem on riding the bike and so when their little world comes crashing down they will suffer all sorts of problems and as fellow humans we should exhibit some compassion towards them.

Lets be honest here, do we really want to see convicted dopers suffering all sorts of mental torment as their world collapses around them and they contemplate despair, desolation and loneliness?

Well I do, the bastards.



Cycling Magazines said...

Good to hear your getting back into the swing of it, as you know, no pain, no gain!

I am Onthebanking said...

It's not the pain I mind so much as the total lack of any tangible gain.