Friday, 27 February 2009

Can I take your order please sir?

Michael Boogerd has 'laughed off' crazy Franks recent opinions of the 1999 L-B-L. But as he did in his racing days Boogerd has taken laughing off to a new level. "If I had used the same thing then I would have won," said smiling Michael, but he didn't leave it at that, oh no, just as he would when he raced, he kicked and kicked again, leaving his opponents for dead, "It is possible that we used the same thing in 1999, but it would have been a slice of brown bread with cheese," suggested the Boogie man. Huuummmmnn, interesting choice of lunch there Mickey, symbolic perhaps? Now I know a little Dutch cycling slang, but brown bread with cheese is a new one on me, I don't ever remember watching a race and on the break going up the road hearing the riders 'shout brown bread with cheese, brown bread with cheese'. Perhaps that's why the Dutch go so well at home, when ever the foreigners cross the boarder to race the Dutch guys are shouting secret food related code at each other 'Cream cakes and grilled carrots', 'Pork and ice cream' and so on. Of course now days such things have migrated from the bulb fields of Holland to the tables at Michelin stared restaurants.

It's raining, man, alleluia, it's raining man!

What's your favorite time of year? Actually I don't care that much about yours, cos this is mine. As February slips into March and the world of professional cycling pulls on the leg warmers and heads off for a few weeks light cobbled action.
This weekend sees the double header of Omllop Het Nieuwsblad (it will catch on, one day, promise) and Kuurne-Bruxelles-Kuurne. For me it's when the road season starts, forget the sun of Qatar and OZ, forget the rain of the US, wet cobbles is where it's at. The soul of bike racing rests gently over the the roads of Belgium and come spring it wakes from it's slumbers takes a look at the idiots riding bikes and says 'right, enough of that, 'bout time you had a little suffering in your life' and you know what, it's always good to it's word.

Oh sure there are other races this weekend, but lets be honest, the Gran Premio dell'lsubria?, Clasica de Almeria? I don't think so, good races yes, possibly even tough races, but races that touch the soul of cycle racing? Nope!

Incidently I notice that Crazy Frank won the Omloop in 1999, obviously a bad year for lovers of cheese and brown bread.

Things I shouldn't like, but do!

I've come over all blogger like, sorry, really sorry, I'm not quite going all the way and slipping into a 'I rode my bike to day, it was nice, had had some cake, it was nice' routine, but I must confess to liking bothe the new Milran and ISD jerseys. Sad isn't it.


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