Monday, 2 March 2009

Is that in your job description?

He's gonna give you a kicking!

John Fahey is taking a bit too far if you ask me, I think he's misread his job description. The new(ish) president of the WADA seems to think his job is stopping doping in sport, rather than the endless self promotion and self gratification that he predecessor was involved in. Where will it all end?

Hopefully one place it will end is in some sort of resolution in the Puerto business. Fahey has asked the Spanish courts to handover all documents they have relating to the whole of Operation Puerto. Now as cycling fans we have an interest in Puerto, partly cos there are 'bike riders' named in it, sorry, that should read 'cheating scum who ride bikes named in it' but also because there are athletes from other sports allegedly named in it. By having the details handed over to the WADA we can hope that the spotlight falls not just on cycling, but on any other sports implicated as well. I have a feeling that Fahey has not only read his job description, but is determined to make sure he carries out every duty therein, fingers crossed eh?

In other Puerto(ish) news Alejandro (I haven't got a dog) Valverdel who is in no way related to Ivan the Terrible (or indeed any other name that may have appeared in Fuentes fridge) has been asked to respond to CONI in relation to the sample of blood they 'borrowed' from his arm last July, when Le Tour took a detour into Italy.
God bless the Italians, they never do anything by half's do they? Why bother messing about taking blood from one or two riders when you can take blood from the whole peloton, just on the off chance don't you know.
Still Ivan, sorry Alejandro is denying all knowledge of, well all knowledge of just about anything really, from the meaning of life to his tragic hair loss via any requests from CONI. As he seems unlikely to cooperate with CONI the question remains will he ride in Italy this year? And if he does how long before the Italian law resplendent in long rubber gloves pays him a visit.

I Can fly, I can fly I tell you.

'I can fly, I can fly' shouts Stefan Schumacher as he continues to mount what must be the greatest defense against accusations of doping ever tried. Hamiltons 'I am my own dead twin' was good, Landis and his claim to like a little Whisky wasn't too shabby either and Vinokourovs claim that aliens had been drinking his blood was certainly impressive. But lets face it the old ones are the best one's and what older than the insanity defense. Tried with great effect throughout the history the criminal justice system, it is nearly always a winner. So hard to prove otherwise and surely this is what Schumacher must be leading up to, there can be no other explanation of his regular outbursts of reality denying confusion.

Can Cav come out to play?

It seems that young Cav is getting some stick for not throwing his hat in with Team Sky. My question is simple why? Come on, no one in their right mind or with any sort of a grip on reality can honestly expected Cav to jump into bed with Sky in 2010 can they? (Sorry Stefan, I didn't hear that) . Cav is more than happy where he is and it seems to be well documented that he signed on for a further tour of duty with the High Roaders for less than he was being offered to jump ship. It's one of the things I like about his Royal Cavness, that being he's pretty straight forward (as you'd expect from a sprinter). He want's to win, he knows team spirit contributes to a great lead out train, so why would be go elsewhere for more money? He knows he's gonna make more than enough to see him through the long dark winters of an Isle of Mann retirement. He's having fun, he's winning races and there's a whole lotta love going on, why change a winning formula?
As he said recently Sky is just another team, yes it's great for Brit racing, but at the end of the day..... He's dead right of course, Sky is just another team, teams come and teams go, what stays is your record of victories. Maybe he'll never ride for Sky, maybe he might transfer to Quick Step and have Boonie as a lead-out man? Who knows? To be honest, who cares? As long as he's crossing the line first all is good.


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