Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Lance is human shocker.

Ouch, and not the annoying team Ouch either. Lance fell of his bike and it got more column inches in the UK press than Cavendish winning Milan-Sanremo.

Sometimes shit happens and yesterday it happened to Lance. It's pretty much inevitable that as a bike rider you will at some point have a crash that's gonna take you out for a few weeks. Up until now Lancey boy managed to avoid hitting the turf and staying down. If he's hit, he's got back up, but yesterday he went down and stayed down. A collarbone takes four to six weeks to heal to a get on the bike and ride level, to heal fully it takes longer. So the years plans are reshaped and rescheduled in one fell swoop.

So has Lancey been luck until now? Did his luck finally run out? Well, er, no and no. I don't believe in luck. Laws of probability, attention to detail, concentration and effort all come into play when you talk crashes and when you talk punctures.
Lancey boy pays attention to detail, quality of bikes, condition of tyres, condition of equipment, road conditions. He concentrates on what goes on around him, who's there, how well they're riding, how good they look. Most of the time he's not knackered and mental freshness is key to avoiding trouble on the road. But you can still do all the right things and have a 'bad day' it's called probability.

Maybe he wasn't as fresh as he has been in years gone by, maybe a little older and reactions are a little slower or maybe eventually the seagull craps on your windscreen. So the way is now open for AC (that's Alberto Contador not AC from Operation Puerto) to stake his claim for another Pink jersey, or is it.

AC (that's Alberto Contador not AC from Operation Puerto) seemed to be leaving the Giro for Lancey boy and le Tour for himself, at least that was the plan, (Well AC's plan anyway, I suspect Lance had a slightly different one, eh?). So, no Giro for Lance, huuummmnn, looks like he'll have to set new goals for the season, I wonder if there are any races later in the year that he'll fancy riding to win?

You see Alberto, you shouldn't have pushed him off should you?


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Philip said...

Im not a great one for conspiracy theories but i kinda like this one, AC may be perplexed now!!!!!
Great blog site by the way