Sunday, 17 May 2009

Petacchi borrows Cavs glasses to look for inhaler.

Time for a deep breath Mr Petacchi.

Ever ridden a Kermesse? I have, the odd one or two, in the UK they get re-branded as Crits, different name, same theory. Ride round a short tight circuit, sprint out of corners and ride on the rivet for an hour or so, hope no one lets a gap go and prey you all stay upright.

Now one of the first, one of the most basic requirement of racing round a tight city circuit is that it's kept free of cars. It's a pretty basic requirement really, tight closed roads, a fast bike race and parked cars do not really go well together do they?

So when one of the worlds biggest bike races holds a Kermesse you'd expect that the organisation would be capable of ensuring that there were no cars parked on the circuit.
Sadly it would appear that this was beyond the ken of the Giro organisers and as a result today's stage turned into a nice little recovery ride with a fast final few kilos, which as you'd expect was won by the mighty Cav.

So value for money?
Well it made piss poor TV, with the exception of the final couple of K's, in the end I did my own recovery ride, a couple of hours in the rain and high winds of a Yorkshire spring made up for a race spoilt by poor organisation.

So what happened to Cavs glasses in the sprint? I am led to believe that Petacchi borrowed them to help him look for his inhaler.


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