Monday, 15 June 2009

Your are the UCI - A popular game for all the family.

There's a series of book in the UK called 'Your are the ref,... you are the umpire...' etc. In which a sporting incident is played out and you have to make the correct call according to the rules of the game.
As yet only Football and Cricket are covered, but with an eye on the expanding cycling market I'm about to launch a cycling based addition to the cannon, It's called 'Your are the UCI', here are a few snippets.

A riders' blood sample has been linked via DNA to blood stored in the fridge at the heart of a well known doping controversy. The rider has been banned from racing on one of cycling's heartlands. In your roll as the sports governing body what do you do?

A) Ban the rider from all cycling for the maximum period allowed.
B) Allow him to continue racing, but ask for all proof with a view to banning him as soon as you can run the results past an approved lab.
C) Allow him to continue racing and winning major events, whilst doing bugger all.

A new method of detecting doping has been introduced, this involves taking blood samples at regular intervals, monitoring a pattern and then targeting suspicious results and banning riders. Do you?

A) Act as soon as you get the results banning riders that have doped
B) Say that action will start next week, sorry, next week, sorry next week, sorry next, sorry next week.......
C) Go on holiday
D) Ban riders that have already been banned or left the sport.
E) B, C and D all at the same time

Fans, race organisers and the media are in uproar about continuing doping in the sport of cycling. Do you?

A) Take a strong lead in the anti doping fight
B) Phone out for a pizza
C) Invite Bernhard Kohl to take over from Anne Gripper on the UCI anti doping committee

The fight against doping is expensive, do you?

A) Enter into agreements with organisations to help fund the anti-doping effort
B) Spend all your money on a nice buffet
C) Call a press conference saying that you are going to spend all you money on a nice buffet
D) Put all your money on a horse in the 3:30 at Kempton and hope it wins

One of the key areas in fighting doping is the education of young cyclists. Do you?

A) Start a global campaign requiring national federations to implement anti-doping education for young riders
B) Appear on CBeebies dressed as a Muppet to promote the campaign
C) Declare the war on doping won and go for an early lunch


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