Monday, 22 September 2008

Should we make cycling global? Nah, lets make dessert.

So what I don't understand is this, in order to restore 'confidence' in the 'markets' various governments are giving money away. Apparently they seem to be giving it to the banks, isn't that a bit like walking into a meeting of alcoholics anonymous and saying 'oh, you guys look a bit thirsty, here, have this create of whiskey.' just a thought. As is...

New sponsors for the GB Nat Pro squad. The U23ers rode with the Sky logo on their skinsuits. The comic (so called cos it treats professional bike racing in the same way the Beano does) seems to think that this means that Sky will be sponsoring the team currently known as Nat Pro.
Well I don't know if that's true, I'd heard a rumor that there was a three way sponsorship deal about to be signed with the following: 'Poundland', 'Me Neep - the turnip grower.' and 'Ruf - the German maker of creamy deserts.'

Whoever it is there is one thing that's perfectly clear, British Cycling are crap!
The money can't come too soon, this plan to be number one may be well and good, but there are areas of world cycling the BC don't dominate.
Take a look at this..... It's this years world championships for indoor cycling. Now I thought GB were world number one indoors, but oh no, apparently we only rule the boards of your average velodrome. When it comes to indoor cycling we're officially crap, not a rainbow jersey in sight, pathetic if you ask me.
So any injection of extra cash will clearly be spent on getting British athletes to do this...

Indoor cycling consists of two events, cyclo-ball (football on bikes, look on youtube for radball) and artistic cycling, although what could be more artistic than the GB team pursuit squad destroying the worlds record is beyond me.
Apparently both are very, very, very popular in Germany where there are 10,000 license holders. This will be the same Germany, where despite a flourishing 6-day scene track racing is dying on it's arse.
Still German domination aside we must make success at these events top an imperative. I'm sure the talent teams could extend their nets a little further, instead of picking kids who manage good times at test events they should be picking kids that fall over the handlebars and ride their bikes in to each other. Like this elusive Le tour de France winner, we have an artistic cycling world champion out there, it should be the job of British Cycling to find him or her.

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