Sunday, 23 November 2008

Cav - he really is jolly good, don't you know.

He flies through the air with the greatest of ease.

Todays Observer has a fine, fine, fine interview with his royal Cavness. Perhaps the most indepth and intelligent interview we have had with the Cannonball.

What does come across though, or at least what is mentioned, almost in passing, is that Cav upsets a fair few folk on the cycling scene. So what's my take on this, well my take is, quite simply, Bloody good show old chap, as they say in the London stockbroker belt (sorry dole central, as it is now known).

There are many reason to enjoy Cavs antics on the bike.

Firstly he wins, now there was a time when this was a rare as hens teeth in British Cycling. In-fact not only does he win, but he leaves some of the worlds fastest sprinters floundering in his wake. So max points for that.

Secondly he is passionate about the sport and about winning. None of the old time plucky loser cobblers for Cav, no, he loves winning, he wants to win and he believes he's going to win.

Thirdly, well thirdly, his heart is on his sleeve. Cav knows he's going to win and as a result his is both confused and pissed off when he doesn't.
He doesn't go into the final 200m thinking 'Oh I could do well here, if I try really, really hard.' he goes in thinking 'I'm gonna win, I faster than everybody else, so I'm gonna win' his whole body is preparing for victory and as a result there is not a micron of his being that is being wasted thinking about escape strategies, consciously or subconsciously.

Get a blank look after you ask him what it's like not to win the stage? Er, what exactly do you expect? Ten minutes of self analysis, followed by a promise to do better tomorrow? Give it a rest.

Fourthly, He's a character. God knows we're short enough of those at the moment. In a peloton of worthies, earnest triers and faceless plodders we need all the passion and character we can get. Cav's up there with the great characters, he's not quite as much of a showman as Chippo was, I doubt anyone will ever be, and his post race interviews lack the lewd, rude and unprintable that Chippo often managed, but hey, he's young, he'll develop.
I remember being at a track meet and after Cav won he rode along the straight high fiving it with the crowd. Pure class if you ask me.


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