Monday, 3 November 2008

Spanish cycling boring - says top cycling web site.

Time to wake up and take a sniff matey.

In a shock move today soaraway top cycling web site blogger Mike Radar accused Spanish cycling of being boring.

'I accuse them of being boring.' said Radar. Who went on to say, 'they win everything, this year they've won all three Grand tours, hell, they've even won a race at the Olympics'.
'It's possible that this success might put other nations off. Some nations like America or Italy have realised what they can achieve if they concentrate their resources, but others might just be put off. They've won everything this year and their top riders, Miguel Indurain and Federico Bahamontes didn't even turn up.' said Radar.

Radar (17) who got his first bicycle for Christmas 2007 went on to say he wished the Spanish Grand tour riders were more like the British, 'we never win much, it's the British way, hurrah for the plucky amateur.'

Track cyclist Banned for life.

The UCI today took the unprecedented step today of banning a track cyclist for not using Mavic wheels.
In a move that outraged at least sixty million people a member of the British track cycling team was banned for life for attempting to start a race on a pair of Pro wheels.

'We haven't yet been able to make a mockery of track racing like we have with road racing', said a UCI spokesman, 'so we thought we should start somewhere and this seemed as good a place as any.'
Whilst the move was claimed by the UCI as part of it's global attempt to completely bugger up all aspects of the sport some have interpreted it as a way of stopping British domination which some have accused of being too exciting.
'I believe it's an attempt to stop the mighty Team GB' said renown prepubescent Mike Radar. He went on to offer the explanation that
'If a nation is continually getting beaten by the British, it's unfair, the Brits should move over and give someone else a chance to kick the asses of lesser nations.'

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