Wednesday, 10 December 2008

I don't know you, I never met you, here's 7000 Euros.

Christmas is coming and your Goose is cooked.

And so is the hearing for Leonardo Piepoli, it's due next week. You'll remember that Leonardo, he failed two tests for our old friend CERA at Le Tour and most entertainingly didn't turn up at the first hearing, saying he didn't recognise it. Mind you, at the time he was claiming he didn't recognise his wife or indeed is own reflection in the mirror. Still, inability to recognise official bodies, the UCI, the police or the courts is a well known side effect of CERA.

And here's a turkey for you.

So many Franks, so much weirdness. It would seem that Frankie Schleck has no case to answer. The Luxembourg Anti-Doping Agency (ALAD) couldn't find any connection between Frankie and Dr Eufemiano Fuentes or indeed between Frankie and any other street corner dope dealer.

So the question remains, what on earth was Frank Schleck doing transferring 7000 Euros to someone he'd never met. Was the lucky recipient just lucky? Does Frank pick out bank account details from a hat at random and then just wire them a bundle of the folding stuff?
Now I've never met Frank, but I'll be logging onto later today and casually leaving a few account numbers lying abound just on the off chance, you never know.


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