Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Police hot on the trail of Tom Boonans wig.

Tom's wig takes a night off from it's party lifestyle.

It would seem that the hair of Tornado Tom has been taking ecstasy as well as cocaine, well I say his hair which of course will soon be revealed to be having a life of it's own, going out at night, hitting the bars and chasing the girls.

Toms lawyers have questioned the trail events that have led his clients wig to be up before the Flemish beak, 'No ordinary Flemish citizen would go to court for this, that is certain.' said the man in the legal hair hair do. Indeed, for Tom was not found to be in possession of any Class A's, but was rumbled following an out of competition test for performance enhancing drugs.

It's an interesting legal point, and no doubt there will be a lot of Euros earned arguing the toss, but one things for sure, what ever the result it puts Tom in the top draw of celebrity.

Tom should be congratulated, he is a regular in the mags that deal in the life styles of the rich and famous and will doubtlessly be on a good little earner once he gets to sell his 'My drugs hell' story to the highest paying rag. I just hope his wig is on a percentage.

Worried about retirement, join Rock Racing.

I love Michael Ball, I really do. He's done more to entertain me than any other team manager / owner in the history of the sport.
Having just registered Rock Racing as a Continental team he found that not only did he have too many riders, but they were too old. Continental teams have to be, in essence, development squads, but with 27 riders and an average age of 75 numbers had to be cut. So we now have two Rock Racing squads, there's Rock Racing Continental and there's Rock Racing club, which in essence is like any other cycling club in the US.

So now where had one team we now have two, one a team of guys who signed on as pros but are now riding as, well, not riding as pros and then we have the Continental team, ex dopers, old timers and a couple on the run from the forces of law and order.

If the Rockers had become a Continental Pro team concerns about numbers, age and criminal records would have gone out the window, so why didnt' that happen? Apparently it would have involved too much paper work, whatever the reason it's brilliant news, twice the teams, twice the entertainment, as Michael Ball says they're all about entertainment, yeah baby, bring it on daddy-o.

Gold is not enough.

Dave Brailsford was asked by the Daily Telegraph if he felt any guilt at the cyclists winning so many gongs at the Olympics. It was perhaps one of the stupidest questions you could ever ask. The likelihood that DB would feel anything other than total satisfaction at 'job done' and a desire to win more next time was bordering on non-existent. So you can imagine the non surprise at the response:
"None whatsoever, we went out and won 14 medals. End of. I'm paid to win medals and as a team we set out to win medals. We did exactly that and so the rewards should follow. I have absolutely no guilt."

Meanwhile the funding for 2012 goes up for cycling, job done.


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