Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The men that came second.

Back from the dead.
In a move that shocked commentators, riders and the resurrectionists everywhere it has been announced that the winner of the 1904 Tour de France, Henri Cornet, will be riding the 2009 Giro d'Italia.
Organisers of the Giro have announced that 'a Tour de France winner' will be starting the 09 race alongside Lance Armstrong. When asked to be more specific RCS refused to name names, but replied that 'He's a previous winner of the Tour de France, but he never got to stand on the podium, he was awarded victory after the previous winner had been disqualified.'

Cornet was unavailable for comment, but it is thought that he has been in training for a considerable period and is in good shape, with one 'close source' claiming he's a 'lot lighter than he was in 1904'. The 'close source' went on to say that 'Lance Armstrong is making a comeback after three years, I know 108 years is slightly longer, but Henri has a good coach and he's confident of performing well in the race.'


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