Saturday, 13 December 2008

New Giro jersey, this year it's pink!

High fashion, low fashion.

In a move that both shocked and outraged traditionalists the organisers of the Giro have unveiled a new race leaders jersey.
Those amongst us that have a keen interest in both high fashion and grande tour jerseys were jumping with joy as RCS unveiled a 'shocking' new Giro leaders jersey, designed by Dolce & Gabbana. In a move away from the tradition that has dogged the Giro for the last 100 years Dolce & Gabbana have taken the bold step of designing a jersey that incorporates the latest trends in high fashion, looks to the future and is figure hugging. Yes the leaders jersey for the 2009 Giro will be pink and made of lycra.

Someone else that could have used a jersey makeover is the new Katusha team. Their first attempt at fashion is, if we are honest, not quite at the standard set by the legendary Tonton Tapis, but non the less it shows promise. Come on guys, with all that cash floating round you could have employed a designer, rather than follow the traditional route of getting the team owners 6 year old to give it their best shot.

Don't cross the white line.

In Cali the world cup continues with the question on everyone's lips being, Why are we here? Cali is a strange event, most of the events go straight through to finals due to lack of entrants. And with the powerhouse track squads sending small or development squads the racing whilst excellent lacks somewhat the cutting edge that the European events show. The Aussies have sent the Toshiba development squad, most of the European nations have just sent a hand full of riders whilst the Chinese stuck just one rider on the plane. Logistically it's a nightmare to get teams to and with budgets tight and the world cup running to five events someone is going to miss out. With W/C points counting to World Championship places (or something like that) teams seem to pick and chose their events, with the more logistically challenging events being targeted either for development squad riders gaining experience or a desperate attempt to gain points.

One big name that I fully expected to be seeing in Columbia is Tornado Tom Boonan, as a fan of the countries biggest export I'd have thought that fastest man across the white line would be doing his bit, but sadly he appears detained at home by legal goings on, shame.

The history lesson - don't bring your dog.

Look at the rule and regulations governing how you race. Bike, clothing, 'supplements', behavior on the road, they're all covered and if you fail to know them you will at some point fall foul of them. So spare a thought for the riders that lined up at the start of the 1869 Paris - Rouen, the worlds first bike race. Of all the rules and regulations the most interesting was that riders were not 'to be trailed by a dog or use sails'. Whilst bikes and clothing have come a long way since 1869 it's a shame that some of the old rules have fallen by the wayside. Can you imagine how pissed of Cadel Evans would be if the 'no dogs' rule was brought back for the 2009 le Tour!


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