Friday, 12 December 2008

Evans to ride for team GB in 2010?

Oh yes he is, Oh no he isn't, Oh yes he is.

Lotto say Cadel is riding, Cadel says he's not, Molly say woof, woof, woof.

This is getting to be so much fun, Cadel is really pissed off, Lotto lost Popo over the closed season and didn't get a replacement for the Alien after he was 'unavoidably detained'. On the up side they signed Charlie boy, who looking at the way Popo rode in 08, is a good investment, but Cadel really needs someone who can be with him in the final few K of the final climb of the day, but riders like that are few and far between and expensive, they're either riding for Mr 60%, Astana or currently doing time.

So, it looks like new teams all round for 2010, hummmn, isn't 2010 the date for new GB Pro Tour team (or team Sky/Tesco/Halfords as it will be called), maybe Cadel could get a ride, the organisation, training and preperation will certainly be better than anything he's had at Lotto and the Brits are a nation of animal lovers, so Molly will be well taken care off - surely the clincher then.

Downunder with the French.

Talking of quality fields Le Tour de Downunder looks like having a massive field, the Euro-centric peloton, having spent years whinging about traveling to the other side of the world seem to have fully embraced the land of Koalas and Kangaroos (rightly so). Of course they won't be hitting form there, or in the case of the French anywhere else, but there presence is a big plus for the race organisers and for Uncle Pat, the UCI and their vision of a global race series. The TdU is a great race, the local riders will be attacking like crazy, the local citizens will be having the time of their lives, the racing will be fast, the sun will be out and the French won't win, oh, sorry, that's July.


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