Saturday, 17 January 2009

I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it.

Getting your collar felt.

Thank God for the 'nick of time'. Nick has intervened just in time to ensure that Rock Racing can continue to race UCI events for the coming season. This is great news for those with a sense of humor.
Now of course, every silver lining has it's little cloud and in the case of the non demise of Rock Racing this is that there won't be a surge of team kit being flogged on eBay. This, however, has not stopped the odd item finding it's way onto the worlds favorite emporium, yesterday a RR skinsuit went for the princely sum of £227. Now, I'm as partial as the next man to a bit of Pro team memorabilia, but £227? For a skin suit you'd where exactly when? Turn up at our local track league or training sessions in one of those and you have the piss well and truly taken out of you. Maybe it will get an airing at the local supermarket, maybe who ever bought it is member of a special adult association that meets in secret and only contacts each other via the dark corners of the internet, you know the sort? Members of the Tyler Hamilton fan club.

Cheap at half the price?
Now according to the press, Lancey boys fee for dragging his ass to the land downunder is getting on for a cool £1m.
Fair play to him, if he can get that sort of cash for his charity good luck to him and all who sale in him. If the race promoters, national cancer charities etc have decided that a hefty slice of cash going to an overseas charity is a good investment that's all well and good. It's their cash, and they can use it as they see fit if you ask me.
But it made me think what if Lancey boy got paid a million quid to ride the tour of Britain? How would I feel? Well, not too impressed would be the starting point. I can see the argument for paying him to turn up and do his message thing with the great and the good of the counties health care providers. But it wouldn't be an argument I would happily sign up to. The questions I'd ask would be along the lines of, A million pounds? Are you crazy? Wouldn't it be better spent on helping local charities? How about local hospices? What benefit do we get, other than a few days publicity? And what happens after he goes? Still as I say, not my money, my country, my taxes etc etc.

And on a different continent.
New pro Ivan Basso starts his season in Argentina. The tour de San Luis, has like the TDU, never had it so good. Although it's having it a lot cheaper than it's friend over the water. The race site (Here) has a little video promoting the race, it all looks very nice. Peaceful roads and as all the worlds press are in Aus, nice and quiet, just the sort of low key return to racing a banned doper needs. Maybe this could be the back from disgrace race that will feature in the programmes of future criminals. Today Basso, tomorrow the Schumacher?

Now this really is a low key race, essentially an Argentinian event designed to give the locals something to aim at. It is starting to become a hot event for European teams seeking some sun, competition and a little limelight free conditioning. This year Fuji Servetto, Liquigas and Saxo all made it onto the plane as it would appear have Rock Racing. With Rudy at their helm, the rockers claim to be sending the Hamilton twins, Sevilla and Mancebo. Add in a couple of Puerto fugitives on other teams and Basso will be feeling right at home, they're his kind of people.

Politicians will be politicians.
One of the off shoots of Lancey boys pressing of the flesh and, no I don't mean throttling Filippo Simeoni, is that the local politicians have pledged to give more cash to the anti cancer fight. Great news for the people of Aus, but for me also a reminder of how scum like most politicians are, bandwagon? votes? Clebrity?


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