Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Smiles all round

Pink, Red and Grey, oh that's nice!

We all forget things don't we? Birthdays, anniversaries, visits to the dentists, picking up a pint of milk. I guess it's just human nature, so it comes of nothing of a surprise to find that the Lotto team have forgotten to hold their 2009 presentation.
Whilst every other pro team had got the meet and greet business out of the way months ago Lotto decided to wait until the season was up and running before they exposed their boys to the press, (so to speak!)
Mondays presentation in sunny Belgium had the feeling of an afterthought. The riders sat around tables that looked like they had been borrowed from the local bar whilst they proudly modeled their new kit for 2009. Well I say proudly, they looked more like guests at a boring wedding who couldn't wait to leave and go onto somewhere more enjoyable. The only rider who seemed to have any fun was Thomas 'love me or leave me' Dekker. Although come July he will be guaranteed to have fallen out with someone in the team and have reverted to pouting at all and sundry.
You felt like asking 'Why the long faces guys?', but then realised it was a question that didn't need an asking. Take a look at that jersey, no seriously, take a good long hard cold light of day look and then tell me that Columbia and katyusha are poorly turned out. Quite who thought that red, purple, pink and grey make a fetching combination hasn't been said, but needless to say they are probably still at kindergarten.

I mentioned the other day that I have a bet that crazy Frank will only get to finish 5 races this season (assuming that Team Cinelli get a license to race), but looking at the Lotto presentation made me offer odds on a couple more likely events.
Thomas Dekker to fallout with everyone by TdF time:, 2/1
Cadel Evans to crack a smile by TdF time:, 1000/1
Leif Hoste to appear on the Belgian version of cash in the attic by July: 50/1
Chance of that jersey being openly laughed at in the peloton: evens

Rock on baby!

Hurray, hurray, Rock racing are still with us and will be riding in Cali. They have announced their team for the race and it looks like this, American, American, American, ex-doper, ex-doper, ex-doper and Tyler Hamilton, who manages to tick both boxes, well he is twins. After providing last years pre-race comedy act the Rock boys have been allowed to race and will doubtlessly be providing the fans and assembled media with mid race comedy antics as they attempt to supplement their non-existent pay packets.



Anonymous said...

Here's a prediction for you: Rock Racing comes off looking like bums - but surprises a few people. But will the dope tests come back thumbs up, too?

Anonymous said...


I am Onthebanking said...

jackass, just cos I don't like the Lotto Jersey I guess.
Or maybe for implying that Rock racing will be attacking to win primes and stages as financially they may not have enough cash to last the year.

Me, I just dunno which