Saturday, 14 March 2009

It was easy, it was cheap. Go and do it!!!!

AC (that's Alberto Contador not AC from Operation Puerto) is having an exciting time of it isn't he? I just wish he'd make up his bloody mind. One minute he's an Olympic pursuiter, the next he's a climber, where to next for God sake? Taking on Cav and Boonie in the sprints no doubt. But as it that wasn't bad enough AC (that's Alberto Contador not AC from Operation Puerto) is also up and down the GC like a whores draws. Off the front and into yellow, off the back and (almost) into the autobus. Stage 7 of Paris-Nice saw him rolling 2:53 behind the stage winner, Strewth, even behind Davey Millar. So on this form we should expect another winning ride tomorrow.

Shock moves in the war on doping:

In a shock announcement the UCI have revealed that some teams have signed up to the biological passport programme. Can you believe it? Of course there has yet to be any 'action' as a result, still, being the UCI there's been plenty of in-action.
Apparently the UCI are writing down the blood values of every rider that signed up on the back of a beer mats. One day, one day, all these beer mats will be spread out on a table and Uncle pat will underline some names in red and then select them by closing his eyes and sticking a pin into them.
Of course this won't be as random a process as it sounds, oh no, the UCI will have done their homework and will have selected only the riders who can't afford expensive lawyers of top draw legal advice.

Oh and that bloke Dr Death (er, you know him?, Ol' what's his name, Fuentes is it?), anyway he has just issued a statement which included the line: "My professional oath forbids me from revealing their names. There have been only selective leaks. I am indignant about that," . This utterance was as a result of Le Monde being fined 300,000 Euros as a result of printing something they shouldn't have printed.
Still good to hear that Dr Death is bound by his professional oath, of course breaking his oath wasn't something to worry about when he was storing riders blood in his fridge and dishing out the EPO like free sweets at a kids party. Good to see indignation as well. No doubt he'll share the indignation of cycling fans the world over, indignation that he contributed to the shafting of our sport by promoting the acceptance and use of performance enhancing drugs.
God if I ever thought that the whinging and denial of banned and ex-dopers was annoying I hadn't realised how pathetic the rantings of the doctors that supplied them would be.


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