Saturday, 21 March 2009

Lance Armstrong eats jam!

We all know that Bradley Wiggins collects guitars. You'll have seen the pictures, lots and lots of guitars, black guitars, brown guitars. No ukuleles as yet and no sign of a stray banjo, but hey, it's early days.
But our Brad isn't the first rider to build an impressive collection of 'stuff'.

Cipollini was well known for his collection of old slappers and fast cars, but if you spend you days standing on podiums getting snogged, applauded and adored there's every chance you'll take the easy option and grab what ever is to hand. So than God for Big Mig.
Big Mig discovered winning bike races and world travel seemed to go hand in hand. As a seasoned traveler Big Mig wanted souvenirs of his adventures, oh sure, yellow and pink jerseys were all well and good, but somehow for a rider from humble origins these were too grand. Big Mig wanted to collect something more personal, something that kept him in touch with his roots, something that he felt the ordinary fan could relate to. So it was with this in mind that Big Mig started collecting miniature jam pots. They type of jam pots you get in hotels throughout Europe, the type of jam pots that reminded him of success and exciting foreign travel.
Throughout his professional career big Mig never raced much in Spain, something he was criticised for. But when you understand his fascination for jam pots, something that is quite understandable. You see, as a junior Mig raced all over his native country and as a result built up an impressive collection of local jam pots. So it was only natural that when he became a professional and started to race across the continent that he was as attracted as much by the scent of jam as by the scent of victory. By the time he was in his early 20's Mig had collected just about every jam pot available in Spain, but France was a whole new nation of jam to explore, the result? Come july Mig was to be found chasing round France filling his suitcase with selections of Apricot and Strawberry preserves.

And now the bit with Lance.

Of course we all have heroes, and Big Mig is the one guy Lancey looks up to. As a young rider it was Migs record in Le Tour that inspired Lancey. It was Mig's ability in the ITT that drove him forward, but in an effort to become more like his idol Lancey decided to adopt some of his habits. And so Lance developed an interest in jam, it's history, it's production process and it's place in a society.
In fact it's a little known fact that one of the main drivers behind 'the comeback' is that Bonne Maman have introduced a new range of fruit base breakfast spreads available only to the catering industry in Europe and especially in Italy.

More jam related news soon.


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