Thursday, 2 April 2009


What do you do on a rest week? Maybe a little light recovery ride? Maybe stay well away from the bike? Well 'The MC' (that's the Mighty Cav) went to Poland and rode the track worlds! So Sunday you win the worlds longest 1 day classic, have a couple of races with the best track endurance riders in the world and then come back and win two stages in De Panne, obviously this recovery business works.

Apparently Bernhard Kohl took drugs.

If I went to the supermarket, bought some milk and on opening it found it was green instead of white I'd be surprised. If I bit into a bar of chocolate and it tasted of cabbage I'd be surprised. When Bernhard Kohl admits that he's been sticking all the spare smack he can get his hands on up his ass (or how ever else he took the stuff) I am not surprised. When it's revealed that there are/were five other Doctors peddling the juice a la Furents (thanks Rudy) I am mildly surprised. (So few?)

Kohl has admitted that he was on the juice since 2005, yeah right, and has managed to spend 50,000 Euros! 50,000 to have your career ended, become a social pariah, lose just about everything you hold dear and end up living in a cardboard box seems like a bit of a waste of money if you ask me.
For 25,000 I'd have kicked him in the bollocks, which could well have ended his career, but would have left him with 25,000 and his house. Seems like a good deal if you ask me. In fact, just to show there are no hard feelings I'll do it now for nothing.

Something else I'm not surprised at is that these 5 other Dr's haven't been brought to trial, named and shamed or banned from the sport. I'm not surprised that the UCI have done bugger all in following up on Pevenage's claim.

Cobblers mate, cobblers.

It's spring and a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of cobbles. Flanders, G-W and P-R fill the next week and one question is on everyone’s lips, 'Will Silence Lotto finish a rider in the top 50?' Tough one that, now if you'd said will they finish a rider in the top 100 I might well have said yes, but 50, that's pushing it a bit if you ask me.

Thank God for Cadel, he has the teams sole win this season and in the coming weeks I'm sure he'll shine in the hilly classics, but this week Lotto's 'other' team of cobblers will be in action, just don't expect too much, that's all. Perhaps Lotto are finally doing what they should have done ages ago ditch any pretence at being a two pronged team able to handle GT's and classics, it's just that no one's told the Belgian public yet. So they keep up the pretence that they are capable of winning a cobbled classic for fear of alienating their fan base.


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