Monday, 20 April 2009

It's not twins this time.

I believe Tyler Hamilton. There I said it, bet you never thought you'd hear that, oh, hang on,I've just realised I never finished that previous sentence, sorry.

So what do I believe then? Well I believe Tyler Hamilton isn't twins for a start, I believe that Tyler Hamilton is probably not planning a come back in the foreseeable future and I believe that there could soon be a US championship Rock Racing jersey on ebay pretty soon.

Tyler has got caught 'over the limit' again, 'on the juice' one more time, on the front pages yet again.

It seems that Tyler has now decided to hang up his wheels and retire from racing. Of course this is only one step ahead of a ban that could be anything from 4 years to life, we wait to see what his punishment is.

His punishment then, punishment for having a steroid found in his blood, and it seems it was his blood and not his twin brothers (sadly really, cos I would have swam to the US , shaken his hand and fallen down on my knees in homage if he'd trotted that one out). The 'roid' in question was to be found in an over the counter anti-depressant 'herbal' remedy.

There is a theory, to be honest it's one I subscribe to, that if you dope you will do damage to your mental health. Just take a look at the list of dopers, ex-dopers and their claims, counter claims and public pronouncements. Crazy Frank springs to mind first, but there are others and indeed I'm sure you could spend a happy evening listing them.

You start living in a world of denial and lies, a world of secrets and hiding, a world of fear and suspicion and there is one and only one result and that is not a good outcome.

So I hope Hamilton gets the help he needs here are therapies that will cure CD and I hope that he gets one and that it works. CD can be cured and I hope that the medical support is available to Hamilton, sure he has annoyed me in the past, but right now I wish him success in his fight.

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