Sunday, 24 May 2009

Other sports do exist, apparently.

Now I that know other sports exist, I have seen them with my own eyes. There have, if I'm honest even been occasions when I poked around the edges of some of them. But in the end it all comes back to cycling, you can after all do it sitting down.
My view of other sports is two fold, firstly that the vast majority of them could be improved by the inclusion of a bike and secondly that the facilities they use could be better used for bike racing.
So lets have a look at the options here.

Golf: What a load of cobblers golf is, what a waste of a great cyclo-cross or MTB circuit a golf course is. How daft do golfers look? (almost as daft as cyclists if you ask me).

Cricket: Ever ridden a grass track meet? No, well get yourself down to the local cricket club and get a bit of practice whilst they're not using their pitch. A cricket field is the perfect arena for grass track, just imagine Lords or the Oval full of spectators all there to see the local track league start. In fact imaging empty stands and only 20 spectators waiting for the start of a grass track meet and you'll get a bigger crown than the average test match.

Football: (or Socerey as some people know it), well that's already played on bikes and much better for it, it is. But what about the pitch, well make a great Go-Ride training ground in my opinion.

Motor Racing (F1): There are just hundreds of great circuits going to waste due to only being used for a few days a year by car drivers. Turn them over to cyclists I say. Having raced on the odd motor circuit I can report that they're great value, far more fun to ride than a 'City centre' crit, (sorry that should read 'Town outskirts' crit). I seem to recall racing at Brands Hatch for a season and I also seem to recall it being stopped due to the owners fear that cyclists might damage the circuit! And another thing, when all this petrol runs out what you gonna do? Ride a bike that's what! Get practising now!

Badminton: Now a badminton court is a pretty small thing, but you know what, it's still big enough for a competitive cycling event. First up we could have stunt events, you know all that jumping on and off logs on a bike that seems to have lost it's saddle. Then we could have competitive bike building, I mean why should the riders have all the fun, lets get the mechanics involved as well.

Darts: Darts? Darts? How good would playing darts on a bike be? Pretty bloody good if you ask me. Throwing darts whilst practising your track stand would be the way to go here.

So you see what ever the sport, there's room for cycling related involvement. Come on dust down that grass track bike and join me.


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