Friday, 15 May 2009

Table for Mr Boonen, table for Mr Boonen.

You were young once, you were, come on, admit it. I've seen the photos you know. Out drinking that beer stuff, dancing on tables with ladies of the night (oh, sorry that was me, anyway.....) you've been pissed, you've been drunk, blotto, smashed, merry and tipsy and so have I, on occasion. But neither of us has somehow finished up sticking Columbia's biggest export up our nose. And yet Tommy boy seems to have a bit of a problem along those 'lines' . Go out for a few beers and finish up chopping the white stuff up on the pub table with a piece of floorboard (have to remember the sponsor at all times) and then forgetting about it.

Lives of the rich and famous eh? So different from the home life of our own dear Cav, Cav as we know still lives in a tent on the Isle of Mann and survives on a diet of berries picked from the local hedgerow. Tommy boy is a household name in God's own country (Belgium that is) as is Cav and yet whilst Tommy seems to embrace the bright lights and celebrity lifestyle our Cav seems to be making a concious effort to keep his feet on the ground. If you saw his BBC interview you'd have picked up on his obvious and concious desire to try and remain the same old Cav. Cav is interested in winning and just that, gossip columns are never gonna feature the wee fella, thank God.

Sorry I missed your birthday.

I've looked in my diary and I seem to have missed an important anniversary, yes yesterday it was 2 years since the UCI announced it was going to issue the blood passport results 'any day now'.
Back in January Postman Pat was promising all would be revealed in two weeks, then last month it was going to be May 9th and now it has, as they sing at the football, 'All gone quiet over there'

Quite when the witless fools that run our sport will actually unveil their great vision for the future is now uncertain, much like what purpose the UCI actually serve, answers on the proverbial postcard on that one please.

Still whilst the UCI have, no doubt gone a lovely all expense paid holiday to check out the velodromes and cyclocross courses in the Seychelles someone is at least getting on with the job of kicking asses. Thank God for CONI who have taken the long overdue step of banning Vlad the impaler from racing in Italy. Vlad is of course still protesting his innocence and will doubtlessly go to his grave doing so. But protest as he may he's not racing in italy, it will be interesting to see what happens in France come July.

Giro for God sake.

Meanwhile Kloden has been fingered in the German law and named as one of the blood dopers in the Freiburg University Clinic investigation. Astana are of course stnding by their man and demanding further proof, could be that they'll offer him as a rider come Tour time and ASO with throw a hissy fit and kick the whole lot of em out. Of course they won't actually be Astana then they'll be Velo Club de Lanceey boy or what ever. The silver lining in this dirty cloud is that as Kloden lives in Switzerland he could well face a prison term. The day a doper finally gets to 'do time' will be the day I break out the champagne.

Tomorrow I'll write about the Giro and all those clean riders that are doing so well, but first I need to check with my lawyer.


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