Thursday, 2 July 2009

A snowball in hell.

Ohhh, ohhh they've got a test for a drug we didn't now existed. Apparently the UCI, AFLD et all can now test a cyclist for being a wanker.

The first rider to fall foul of the new test turns out to be Thomas Dekker. As the results of his positive test for being a wanker were made public, Dekker spoke out to confirm the findings, saying:
"How can a sample be negative in 2007 and now suddenly gets tested again? That is wrong."

Er well done Thomas, in one sentence you have confirmed the UCI's findings and confirmed that you are indeed a wanker.

Meanwhile....... Over the border, he boys in light blue and yellow, are rebelling, despite the fact that paying the riders seemed to be an optional extra Astana now seem set to be signing the man who put the word toss in tosspot. Yes Vinokourov is back and it looks like he'll be riding for Astana, or so he thinks. There are rumours, rumours and more rumours that Lancy boy and his bestest chum JB will be out on their ear by August and that they'll be making their own team.
Still I don't doubt that they'll find a sponsor, but riders? August is a wee bit late to be signing riders, that is signing anyone who is any good, unsigned and not tainted by the needle and the blood bank. Still signing riders tainted by the needle doesn't seem to bother most teams. Once upon a time the Pro Tour teams signed a gentleman's agreement saying they wouldn't sign a banned rider for two years after that riders ban ended, of course this lasted about as long as a snow ball in hell and even before the ink was dry Lickey Gas (pronunciation cutesy of Mr David Duffield) had signed up Basso.

Still should Astana sign Vankerourov it will mean an extra place at the Tour for a wild card, so every cloud eh?


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