Thursday, 8 January 2009

The return of the Tardis

And the new Dr Who is......

Si-Fi fans the world over were surprised, saddened, outraged and slightly amused as the BBC announced the new Doctor Who. The 11th Doctor will be played by our own, our very own, Mr Michael Rasmussen.

'Rasmussen was the perfect choice for us, he ticks all the right boxes.' said a BBC spokesman, who went on to say,
'Michael doesn't need to worry about being typecast, a fate that has befallen several other actors who have played Who. He's still fresh faced and yet has a look of other worldliness that is essential to the character.' When asked if there would be any major changes to the scripts for the new season the BBC replied, 'We don't envisage any major changes, Rasmussen's character is very similar to that of the doctor, both never quite know where they are or what the year is and both seem to have a past life that they prefer not to mention to others.'

Having a new doctor is all well and good, but what about the other key ingredients that make the show such an international hit, the monsters, aliens and of course the doctors assistant, what are the BBC's plans in those areas?
Well this is one area where there will be major changes. Following the death of Davros, creator of the Daleks a new master villain has to be found to lead the universes most evil warriors. Fortunately cycling has again stepped into help the show, with Dr Fuentes putting himself forward. 'We got Fuentes call out of the blue.' said the spokesman, 'But when he offered himself as the evil overlord intent on destroying the known universe it was an offer we couldn't refuse.'. 'In a way,' joked the spokesman, 'Cycling is a bit like the show, we keep killing off the Daleks but they keep making a coming back, we just can't get rid of them'

So, master villains and comebacks aside who, may we ask, is going to be the doctors assistant? No names have yet been put forward, but if you look at the characteristics needed to be a trusty sidekick certain names start suggesting themselves. The essential qualities for the doctors 'number two' are, stupidity, a state of permanent confusion, a belief that they are in control when in fact someone else is pushing all the buttons and an overwhelming urge to put themselves in the limelight despite having limited talent. Rumors that the first show in the series will be set in Aigle in Switzerland have yet to be confirmed.


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