Thursday, 8 January 2009

That UCI press statement in full.

Today, January 8th, the UCI held a press conference to outline the future of the sport.
Our on-the-spot reporter has sent back this report, with the necessary translations from UCI-speak into English.

"The World Calendar structure is born of the need, shared by all, to return to a calm, stable environment."
- Everyone hated the Pro-Tour and it was a total farce, we're not going down that road again.

"The tensions that affected cycling peaked during the 2008 Tour de France and we found ourselves in a rather sad situation for our sport."
- It all went tit's up at the '08 Tour, just as it has done every year since 1903.

"Fortunately, these difficulties were the catalyst for us all to realise that it was no longer possible to continue in this way. "
-Now Hein has left we can't just go on holiday when the shit hits the fan.

"The World Calendar is the synthesis of the needs of all those involved in professional cycling."
-We've listened to what everyone has said and then totally ignored them

" It takes into account the heritage of our sport as well as legitimate ambitions for the global development of cycling. "
- Historically we place Ghent - Wevelgem in the same category as the Eneco Tour, that'll piss of lots of people.

"These two components can from now on coexist harmoniously within the World Calendar".
- We're still not on speaking terms you know.

"Perhaps a winner does actually exist, the winner is the sport of cycling."
-We'll just carry on as before then?

"The UCI ProTour is not in competition with the Monuments Calendar."
-No one wanted to ride our events and we couldn't stop them riding theirs, so we gave in.


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